Paris: The Gluten Free Edit

a.k.a. The time we ate Paris.

At the end of July I took the train down, met my brother (who is also gluten free), and basically spent three days eating the most unimaginably delicious food I’ve ever had.

1) gf éclairs at Helmut Newcake; 8) Pancake breakfast at Noglu; 9) Noglu to go; 11) Baguettes from Noglu, for the road; 12) Pain Individuel at Helmut Newcake; 13) Mme’s de Fonteneau at Helmut Newcake; 16) Pain au Sucre at Chambelland.

For the record:

Noglu was so good we went for brunch and dinner on the same day. We went to Helmut Newcake every day – the pastries were good enough to make me cry. And Chambelland… I could die. I still dream about the pain au sucre. Amazing.


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